Ahhh, a fresh brew in the morning and the sun is shining!

Dear fellow Geeks and Geekettes! Search no more, we have built the hotel of your wet dreams.
You grew up with video games and you’d looooooove to play the old Amiga (or any other retro Console, or handheld) once more? We’ve got you covered.
It’s a family trip and while he is out taking the kids on a walk through De Pijp you’d just love to finally kill some Zombies again? Yes, we’ve got you covered.
When was the last time you went to a Coin-OP Arcade Hall? The 80’s??? Well WAITNO MORE!!! We have over 25 Coin-OP Arcade Games waiting for you beat the high-score. If you BOOK DIRECT, you get a bunch of perks like free late check-out, discounts on breakfasts, AND A FREE HOUR OF UNLIMITED GAMING IN THE GAME ROOM!!!!
Every room at The Arcade Hotel is equipped with a modern console and a retro console. In fact let me repeat this in capital letters: EVERY ROOM AT THE ARCADE IS EQUIPPED WITH A MODERN CONSOLE AND A RETRO CONSOLE.
Oh, and slick gaming headsets so you don’t annoy your neighbours.
And no, you don’t pay extra for that. And yes, we also have a kick-ass internet connection.
Enjoy your playcation at The Arcade Hotel!