Little Blast Arcade – Game Room

Our Happy-Place

Built the worlds first video game hotel: Done!
Renovate the whole hotel and lift it to the next level: Done!
And while we’re at it, be the first hotel in the world to have a Coin-Op Arcade.

You guessed it: D O N E !!!

Fuck yeah!

To say that we are excited about finally having refurbished and opened our Game Room would be like saying that the dark side of the moon is rather chilly (fun fact: up to -243°F or -153 C).

Boy, are we thrilled!
We already packed the hotel with games like a Brazilian bikini on a hot summer day, but with this beauty, we took it to a whole new level.
25 sqm of video game ecstasy:
Unfortunately, due to Corona, we thought to change it up a bit. With over 20 Coin-Op machines, a new Console corner, we think we got it right.

We need to make reservations for your Game Time, so click here to book your time slot:

We rent this room out to anyone who wants to set up an event, have a family gathering, showcase the newest game or simply kill zombies throughout the night.
For guests, for locals, for businesses, for pro-gamers, for kids and for the grown-up kids. Everybody is welcome.

room facts

  • Xbox 360
  • PS3
  • Coin-Op
  • PS5
  • X-Box Series X
  • Free WiFi — 1 GB fibre
  • Nintendo Switch
  • No Smoking
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox one
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