Valentine´s Vendetta – Let’s take back the most romantic night of the year!

February 14th | 20:00 - late

Single and ready to mingle? Come join us for Valentines 2019.

Let´s face it: Valentines is a horrible day. Cheesiness everywhere, overpriced dinners and drinks and a constant reminder of how lonely you are. This year once again you have nobody to take to one of those overpriced dinners and Netflix by yourself is starting to shape up as an “actually really nice plan”.

Fear not, The Arcade is here to save the evening! Stop by the hotel for special drinks and a – nice, zero-pressure, let´s see what happens – hang out with other like-minded people. We´re great chit-chatters so we´ll help you break the ice if needed! You might come alone and leave with someone! Or you might leave by yourself once again but guess what, that´s totally fine! Next year we´ll be there for you as well, no red heart decorations, we promise.

P.S: not single and still ready to mingle? feel free to stop by too, let´s play matchmakers!

event facts

  • 20:00 - late
  • February 14th
  • Free entrance
  • Special drinks