The Arcade Talks 4: The Importance of Diversity

July 4 | 19:30 - 22:00

The Arcade Talks is back to examine important gaming related issues through the playful lens. This time, we have the ‘importance of diversity’ as a topic, and our speaker is Roy van der Schilden, founder of the Wispfire studio, and a member of the group Games [4Diversity] and the Dutch Games Association.

Roy is a game- and narrative designer with a background in interactive theatre, and. With his studio, Wispfire, he aims to create immersing interactive narratives that offer new perspectives on complex social issues and phenomena.

According to Roy “exploring the trials and troubles of other people can often lead to new and innovative concepts for games. But who are we as game designers to present a subject that is not directly linked to our own experiences? By detailing the creative journey of Wispfire’s Herald: An Interactive Period Drama, I will show how you can make a game centered on topics outside of your personal background in a respectful manner. I will talk about how this not only made me a better designer, but also taught me something very valuable about myself in the process. The takeaway: a personal and intimate view on designing new and innovative — but authentic and relevant — stories and concepts, while also learning more about yourself”.

19:30-20:15: Talk

20:15-20:30: Questions and discussion

20:30-onwards: Game on!

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event facts

  • 19:30 - 22:00
  • July 4
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