Kayzr League / Rocket League Grand Finals

On Sunday December 16th we are hosting the grand finals of the Kayzr League. 

The main teams of the Benelux Rocket League scene will compete against each other in a semi-final as well as a small and big final for a total grand prize of 2400E!!

Grab your friends and watch live at The Arcade or via www.twitch.tv/kayzr

💵 Free entrance! 💵

Competition structure:

14:00, Best of 7: mCon esports vs. Viqsisbad
15:00, Best of 7: Seagulls vs. Team Qbyte
16:00, Best of 7: Small final
17:00, Best of 7: Big final

event facts

  • 14-18:00
  • December 26th
  • Free entrance