FX Make Up Workshop and Halloween Party

Its THAT time of the year and we are back with our signature event: THE HALLOWEEN PARTY. After last years ´smashing success, we bring you a night you won´t forget.

We will start at 14:00 with a Special FX Make-Up Workshop by Eugene LeClercq. If you don´t know who he is, check out the pictures above. Yeah, we know, cool AF. The guy has worked on the Walking Dead, Hollywood fantasy movies…you get it.

Eugene specializes in walkers/zombies and he will teach you how to do your own gorey make up. All of the materials for the workshop are included in your ticket and you will walk home with practical knowledge for many Halloweens to come!

If you can´t make the workshop but still want to have great makeup, Eugene will stay for a bit and create makeup on request (big head wounds start at 7€). This is a great way to complete your costume for the party!

At around 18:00 we will start with the “Ways to Die Party” and Costume Contest. Show us your creepy costume, come up with an amazing story about how you died and win a drone. Yes, you read that right, a drone (disclaimer: we will host two rounds of the contest, one for workshop participants and one for non-participants, we want to keep it fair!).

And that´s it. DO not think about it twice and grab a ticket for a chance to learn from the best of the best. There are only 20 spots available for the workshop so GO! FAST!

Sign up right here

event facts

  • Costume contest - win a drone!
  • Free party entrance
  • Have your makeup done by Eugene 16:00 onwards
  • November 2nd
  • Party starts at 18:00
  • Tickets through the link
  • Workshop starts at 14:00