E3 Press Conferences Live Streaming

June 9 - June 11 | 22:00 - as long as it takes

Gaming’s most important conference is here!

All the major E3 press conferences will be streamed live to our lobby.

Starting on June 9 at 10pm, and until the night of June 11, you can witness firsthand all the major announcements, news, trailers and previews. The live streams will be shown on our screens non-stop. If you cannot make it to Los Angeles this year, the Arcade Hotel’s stream is your next best option.

Plus, if you show up with a gaming-related shirt, you get a free drink!


June 9
Microsoft: 10 pm
Bethesda: 2:30 am (towards June 10)
Devolver Digital: 4 am (towards June 10)

June 10
Ubisoft: 10pm
Square Enix: 3 am (towards June 11)

June 11
Nintendo: 6 pm

event facts

  • 22:00 -...
  • Free drink if you have a gaming shirt
  • Free entrance
  • June 9 - June 11