The Arcade Hotel Opening

January 16th, 2016

Clear your calendar for the 16th of January! Your mums birthday? Bring her along! Your marrying? Fine, we got enough space. Besides: Who the f*** marries in winter?!

This date might just go into history of gaming and some day your kids will ask you why you weren’t present? Wanna be one of those lame parents that missed it all?
We didn’t think so.
The Arcade is opening! A hotel with which we will prove that gaming and pop-culture go together with subtle midcentury design. It’s like Thelonious Monk, the Eames couple and Marty McFly in one person, sitting at the bar in a pile of comics, playing Space Invaders and getting wasted with Captain Sparrow.

Some facts to get you drooling:

Amsterdam Gin at the Bar
– TVs with all your favorite old school games at the back of the lobby
Live Illustration of gaming characters and pin ups
Live music in our mini suite
– Delicious Amsterdam street food
Hangover Breakfast on sunday with a Bloody Marry Bar
– and LARGER THAN LIFE GAMING, because it’s more fun on the big screen!

So, you wanna be one of those that didn’t have the time to witness how we change the course of hospitality business?

See you at the bar!

event facts

  • 16:00-23:00
  • Free entrance
  • January 16th
  • larger than life gaming
  • live illustration and music
  • old school gaming
  • street food