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Comic Books and Marvel Movies are More Popular Than Ever – Here’s Why

OK, let’s get right to it: Marvel made us all into comic book nerds, but nowadays – it’s mainstream to love Marvel. You can’t go six months without a movie opening in theaters. Having far surpassed other major franchises like Harry Potter and Batman, Marvel is not planning on slowing down.

Join the Pro Squad With Iiyama G-Master!

Once in a while, we like to give a shout out to those brands who trust us with their names (and who we trust with ours). Because of them, we can supply you with the kick-ass technical equipment and – like in this case – set up events like our monthly FIFA tournament.

Not Your Average “What to do in Summer 2018 in Amsterdam”

Summer has started! Planning a trip to Amsterdam this Summer? Search no further, we’ve put together the ultimate not-so-average list for you, filled with unexpected activities – counting down to our favourite summer activity in Amsterdam.

The Scientific Reasons why we Love Nostalgia

There are actual scientific reasons why we can’t stop reminiscing. Curious?

What you Probably Didn’t Know About Liberation Day in the Netherlands

On this day 73 years ago, the Dutch people were liberated from German occupation (A.K.A. Nazi’s got kicked in the ass day) by the Allied Forces. Little is known outside of the Netherlands that Canadians troops formed the main force…

King’s Day in Amsterdam: What (not) to do?

One million orange-dressed people completely losing it in the streets of Amsterdam during King’s Day and King’s Night. Read all about the one day of undivided love for the Dutch monarchy…

Happy International Women’s Day: Girl Gamers are Here to Stay

Let’s talk stereotypes: an average gamer is a teenage boy, playing games by himself in his dark bedroom… NOOOOOTT!