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Dutch ComicCon 2017 is right around the corner!

Hey fellow Nerds and Geeks in the Nether realm errrr I mean Netherlands. It’s time to gather our forces and come together to celebrate all that we love at THE comic con in our small country¬†….. DUTCH COMIC CON (DCC).

Dutch Xmas Con

On December 17 and 18 us geeks all flocked to the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The weekend before Christmas hosted the Dutch Xmas Con. I have to say, it wasn’t the biggest con of the year, but most definitely the cosiest!

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Unleash your inner ninja, samurai or geisha.

Nintendo’s Switching Things up!

The Ying and Yang of Nintendo. For months now rumours float in the air, everywhere whispers of the ‘Nintendo NX’.

Don’t Call It A Comeback, Sierra Games’ Been Here For Years (and now on Steam)

My first encounter with Sierra games, was at a family party.

8bitdo Drops That Mid-Century Design Gaming For Ya!

A sleek classy looking gaming cabinet.

Gamescom, Party Time, Excellent!!

If you have been following our instagram page, you’d know that last week the city of Cologne went game crazy.

Sennheiser is stepping their (video)game up

At gamescom 2016, Sennheiser Gaming had a booth were they displayed their upcoming line of dedicated video gaming sound peripherals for you to test.

Ready Player One is getting a fancy edition

  Among us at the Arcade Hotel, Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is probably one of our most favourite reads of the past couple of years.

NES Classic, a cutie for under your TV

NES Mini’s, cute lil’ self is right at home at the Arcade.