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This too shall pass

The other day a dear colleague wrote to us in regards to the current situation: “Life is mental right? Fucking nuts.” Nothing to add here.

Pretty much the whole world is in a lockdown, united in one global annoyance about these little virus buggers and sharing restrictions, anxieties and uncertainty of what will come. It seems just like R.E.M. sang it: “It’s the end of the world as we know it “.

What now?

Be Excellent To Each Other.Until this day Bill said it best (sorry Ted)!This, our credo, Holds all the more significance in these times.As host to roughly 50,000 guests per year, we obviously are concerned with the safety and well being of our guests as well as that of our colleagues and community. It, therefore, was only consequential to close our doors for as long as the lockdown continues to not endanger the safety of our guests, colleagues and neighbours.We are now using the oldest trick in the book to distract us from the outside developments. What every student does when she needs to prepare for exams. What your parents force you to do, even though it is not necessary. What is done when the stage is cleared, the lights are..

Divided, we fall.

This week each one of us will have their moment of power in shaping the outcome of what will form our future. Head to the polls and let every voice be heard!
Let’s stand together and help create something bigger than us.

Game remakes: The Arcade Hotel’s Top 5

Always felt like the originals were better? Well, to us, these remakes were absolutely worth it…

DUNE remake scheduled Nov 2020

For all of those fans waiting on a proper do-over… This could be it! We can’t wait!

The Arcade’s Top 5 Easter Eggs

With all kinds of movie and video game universes, picking 5 of them wasn’t an easy job. Lots of gems were crossed off or voted away, taking a full day, scraping the web, this is what we’ve ended up with. Our top five easter eggs.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2018!

This is the candy store of electronic music. You ever had that fantasy as a kid where you swim in a pool filled with liquid chocolate or a candy store that you’re locked in at night? Well if you’re into electronic music, this is the analogy that will give you an idea of what to expect.

E3 Review 2018

Our buddy Alex at ASNGAMING.net was kind enough to share his wrap-up on this year’s E3 conference with us.

Even the Best Need Rest!

Ajax eSports announces official hotel partner: The Arcade Hotel Amsterdam.