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Not Sexy, but Deadly: The Case of B. Orchid

Lara Croft. Tifa Lockhart. Cammy White. These are just some examples of female video game characters, introduced in the 90’s, and designed in a way to be sexually attractive and, thus, marketable.

Transmedia Storytelling; and the ‘good transmedia’

Ever since the ancient times, people would narrate various stories that were, in a sense, interconnected.

Blast Galaxy – The Arcade Culture is Still Alive

There is a time machine in Amsterdam Noord. Entering Blast Galaxy is like someone secretly turned on the flux capacitor and transported you right back to the golden days of the arcade halls of the ’80s.

Arcade Halls you should (want to) visit

We wouldn’t be very good arcade fans if we didn’t share our thoughts on the best arcade halls to visit. The number of halls is incredibly big, but we managed to pick a couple that we like, located around the world…

MARVEL’s biggest exhibit ever in MoPOP

A once in a lifetime opportunity… That’s what this is. Be sure to read all about the amazing exhibit.

Marvel Phase Four Episode 1

Welcome to a new series! As big Marvel fans we feel it’s our duty to keep you informed on Marvel Cinematic Universe news, predictions and opinions.

Stories in Fighting Games: Tekken’s Missed Opportunity

OK, let me start by saying something: I LOVE fighting games. In fact, my first ever video game memory is a fighting game one: Ι, about 5 years old, playing the original Tekken, and being captivated by all those colourful characters.