Game Preview: MultiVersus

While the market is replete with Super Smash Bros.-like games, a new platform fighting game is about to drop and has already drawn a lot of attention.

MultiVersus is a game pitting various characters from popular culture (more specifically, Warner Bros. properties) against each other in some really wacky battles. So, if you ever wondered what would happen if Taz, Harley Quinn, the Iron Giant, and Jake the Dog duked it out, now it is the time to find out. We have managed to obtain access to the closed alpha testing of the game, and we are bringing you our first impressions. And no, it is not just another Smash clone.

Gameplay-wise, MultiVersus reminds, as expected, Nintendo’s series. However, it does so by adding a few twists. The game seems to focus a lot on not only how you execute the moves but also when. If you overuse a specific move, it will cease being very effective, while other moves might have different effects depending on your timing. There is, moreover, the “cooldown” feature (waiting for a short period of time before being able to use a special move again), which might alienate some players.

MultiVersus is based on a team battle feature, but it also includes other game modes, such as a free-for-all and singular head-to-head battle. However, no matter which mode you will be playing, expect some chaotic action on your screen, as characters, items, and environment all mix together in some fast paced action (that is sometimes, admittedly,  a bit hard to track).

From the looks of it, the game will put a lot of focus on the competitive element (especially online), as its default choices upon booting up concern the online modes it offers. These online modes feel quite smooth, since the developers have made sure to tout the game’s dedicated servers and implementation of technology for polished multiplayer experience.

The game will be appreciated by people already familiar with similar games, but at the same time it feels distinct too, adding new elements and becoming really creative with its moveset and rules. What we also find very entertaining is the fact that all characters have different interactions with each other, meaning that the chat that Batman has with Shaggy, for example, is different from the one that he has with Bugs Bunny or Arya Stark. Another positive is that it is quite a “light” game that your system will be able to handle without any problems (we played it on Steam).

The game will run on a free-to-play model, supported by in-game purchases (which, yeah, might spark the whole “pay to win” debate again).

The open beta for the game is scheduled for July of this year. MultiVersus will be available on PC, PlayStation 4/5,  XBox One, and XBox Series S/X. It is being developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.


The images are from the game, which is still under development. MultiVersus is a property of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

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