Our number one concern at the Arcade hotel is providing you with a worry-less stay. We would like to explain to you what measures we have taken in order to create a safe and clean environment in times of COVID-19.


In general


  • Your safety is of the highest priority to us. Our team has been trained to work and provide service according to government guidelines, as well as the world health organisation (WHO). We are closely monitoring government and WHO updates and will adjust accordingly when additional information is available.


  • If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: coughing, nose cold, fever, or difficulty breathing, please stay home and contact us. If you start to experience these symptoms while at the hotel remain inside your room and contact our front desk, we will contact a doctor immediately.


  • All public areas such as the lobby, bar, game room, corridors, elevator, toilets, etc. are cleaned regularly.


  • Please be aware, that face masks will be mandatory while walking through public spaces in the hotel. Make sure you arrive with a face mask as well, if not, we are selling them at reception.


  • Always follow the instructions provided by our trained staff in order to ensure your safety


  • Hand sanitising products are available at the entrance and lobby area, as well as inside the elevator for you to regularly clean your hands upon entry or exit of the hotel or when using the elevator.


  • We urge you to make use of the sanitary facilities in your room as much as possible, in order to reduce the usage of public sanitary.


  • We urge you to use credit/debit cards as your preferred payment option. Please don’t pay with cash money, it was gross to begin with, now it’s just really really reaaaalllllyyyyyyy gross.


  • Our staff loves interacting with guests but please note that they will respect the 1.5-meter distance at all times, as well as other safety measures. We kindly ask you to do the same.


  • Only share the elevator or other spaces in which the 1.5-meter distance cannot be respected with your roommates. In order to ensure your safety, we recommend using the stairs, (to get rid of your corona kilo’s).


  • In order to secure the safety of our guest and staff, walk-ins are not allowed. In other words, only if you have a reservation (like you, thank you for staying with us J) will you be allowed to enter the hotel.


  • Additional hygiene kits are for sale at the front desk. These kits are meant for you to take with you when you are exploring the city of Amsterdam. Please be aware that wearing a mask in Dutch public transport is mandatory until further notice.



Arcade hotel rooms


  • Hotel rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before your arrival.


  • Do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions regarding your room or our cleaning service.



Bar and Breakfast


  • We have chosen to temporarily replace our usual breakfast buffet with a tasty breakfast bag. The purpose of this change is to avoid a large number of guests gathering in one area. Breakfast bags can be bought before or upon arrival, it is not possible to purchase a breakfast bag on the morning itself. You can either choose to have them delivered to your room or pick them up at the bar.


  • Similar to other public areas the bar and its seating area will be cleaned regularly. Our seating set up will respect the 1.5-meter distance, and we kindly ask you to also respect this distance when taking a seat.


  • Only people from the same household are allowed to sit next to each other at one table.


  • Items which are used often by either our staff or our guest will be cleaned after each use.



The Arcade Game Room


  • We have made some major changes to our game room. Normally you could find a range of console gaming, PC gaming, and VR gaming inside. However, in order to ensure your safety and respect health guidelines, we only offer PC gaming. Each gaming PC has been set up with plenty of distance from another. Meanwhile, many of our consoles have been moved into a selection of rooms (friends rooms, family rooms, and the suite), in order to give even more gaming pleasure from the comfort of your bed.


  • Additional cleaning will be done regularly inside the game room. Mouse, keyboard, monitors, chairs, and desk surfaces will be cleaned after each use.

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