What now?

Be Excellent To Each Other.
Until this day Bill said it best (sorry Ted)!
This, our credo, Holds all the more significance in these times.
As host to roughly 50,000 guests per year, we obviously are concerned with the safety and well being of our guests as well as that of our colleagues and community. It, therefore, was only consequential to close our doors for as long as the lockdown continues to not endanger the safety of our guests, colleagues and neighbours.
We are now using the oldest trick in the book to distract us from the outside developments. What every student does when she needs to prepare for exams. What your parents force you to do, even though it is not necessary. What is done when the stage is cleared, the lights are on, and everybody went home. We are cleaning. Obviously, as a hotel, we do that regularly, but now we are taking it to a whole new level. Ripping apart the offices, digging up the garden, refurbishing the rooms and fixing whatever comes in our way. We are on fire!




Safety first!

We have enhanced our cleaning protocols to include additional sanitation and cleaning routines following local Governmental guidelines and best practices to minimise risk.
Our hotel staff is trained in being extra diligent in sanitising guest rooms including – bathrooms, door handles, desk table and chairs, light switches and thermostats, telephone and remote, safety latches and locks, exteriors/corridors and common areas. High-touch areas are being cleaned exceptionally often to assure the highest hygiene and health safety. 
We can’t wait to reopen our doors and have that first guest step in!
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Be safe!