– A survival guide for newbies –

Once upon a time, we weren’t nerdy. Really, we actually were the quarterback and the captain of the cheerleading squad. No science club for us but founding and perpetual members of the “smoking behind the school building” club.

We did not spend our Saturday evenings painting Warhammer and had plenty of dates to choose for prom. But you know the ways of the Lord (of the rings) are mysterious and so fast forward 15 years and here we are, immersed in the world of video games with little practical knowledge but an enthusiasm as big as Jabba The Hutt´s appetite. Oh, the twists and turns of life…

Anyways, this year we decided that who better than us, Jens and Paz, the least experienced people at The Arcade when it comes to gaming, should be the ones checking out Gamescom. We came, we saw, we conquered and here´s our advice (in no particular order) if you plan to stop by  2020´s edition. Peace in the streets!


  1. JUST GO: Still hesitant whether you should invest in going to Gamescom or not? Stop thinking, start doing.  It really is amazeballs. Like we mentioned above, as former cool kids we had little expectations and ended up having a blast. Gamescom truly is for anyone! We went to town in the retro area (as the old people we are now) and also enjoyed the Indie Village. 
  2. MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND: like every city with a major trade fair, Cologne is no exception and accommodations can get super expensive during Gamescom. If you, unlike us, aren´t able to crash with a friend (shoutout to Andreas&Alex!), check out places to stay in Düsseldorf or Bonn. Both are close enough to Cologne and you´ll save money for sure. 
  3. HAVE A PLAN: We´ve never seen anything bigger than the Cologne fair. Seriously it´s that big. Unless you plan to walk for 12 hours straight without a break, you will need a plan. Do your research and decide what´s worth your time and what isn´t, because checking out every stand would take you 5 lifetimes. 
  4. BRING LUNCH: Do you remember Indiana Jone´s eye soup? Well, the food at Gamescom is worse than that one. Don´t be like us, be smart, bring your own lunch and snacks. 
  5. COMFY SHOES: Much needed. You´ll be walking for what will feel like an eternity. 
  6. VISIT THE DOM: A bit of culture won´t kill you! It´s Germany’s most visited landmark and for good reason!
  7. BONUS TIP: Kame hame ha picture or it didn´t happen! 

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