Game remakes: The Arcade Hotel’s Top 5

There is no shortage of fantastic new games out there to play, but what if you don’t want something new? What if you want to wallow around in nostalgic memories of games you’ve played before?

We’ve come up with what is our top 5 of videogame remakes. For us, these games are an improvement on the original, all while keeping our nostalgic feelings alive.

5. Kirby Super Star Ultra

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The original game, Kirby Super Star, is probably the best Kirby game of all time. Developers did an amazing job on topping the original with Kirby Super Star Ultra for the Nintendo DS. The new game had several new features, the old ones still being present and the True Arena was added as well. New 3D scenes and visuals made the game look better than ever. Kirby fans were delighted. Definitely one to play!

4. Mortal Kombat

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Back in the day Netherrealm made some poor choices regarding Mortal Kombat. They introduced Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, which didn’t quite have that original Mortal Kombat magic. But fortunately they decided to go back to basics and developed Mortal Kombat (again..). This time, the videogame had everything fans wanted. Brutal fighting and insane fatalities, with new visuals and graphic styles that did the game justice. Our favorite addition? Guest character Kratos.

3. Shadow of the Colossus

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Changing the way narrative games were made, the original Shadow of the Colossus’ status remains high among fans. It redefined old gaming clichés and was only really challenged by Ocarina of Time, which is quite the legend.

The remake focussed on improved visuals and polished gameplay, making sure the Colossi really came alive. Action was kept short with atmosphere being more important. Shadow of the Colussus has always been and will always be a beautiful game and we’re glad their making remakes with every new available console.

2. Resident Evil

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This remake of the 20-year-old title managed to improve on of the most critically acclaimed games of all time. We’ve been waiting for this one to get out for quite a while know.

The modern version has done more than improve the visuals and graphics; the fear factor has been severely stepped up. Zombies are looking more ‘alive’ as ever as Resident Evil 2 has elevated its horror beyond cheap jump scares.

Probably one of the best remakes in history.

1. Crash Bandicoot: N’Sane Trilogy

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The N’Sane Trilogy includes all three Crash games developed by Naughty Dog. These three titles were the foundation of the franchise and they’re what most people remember when thinking of Chrash Bandicoot. Although there were some good games released in 2017, the trilogy managed to stay on the top selling list for longer than most of them that year.

The remake was a big step up and the biggest improvements were the visuals. Going from the original Playstation to a PS4, was always going to be difficult. The game had its flaws. Gameplay wasn’t quite right compared to the original games and Crash would look a tad weird on some occasions. Bonuses were added, but overall the it didn’t feel as natural as it used to.

Nonetheless, the N’Sane Trilogy remained as amazing as the originals, which certainly helped the title to be as popular as it was. With the remake being as frustrating as the originals – which is a good thing – it deserves its spot in our top 5.

Bonus entry: This remake should’ve never been made

Star Wars: Battlefront

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After EA was given the rights to the franchise by Disney, they wanted to re-imagine the series by remaking the original game. The beloved gameplay was thrown out of the window and everything about the modern version didn’t add up with its predecessor. It made way for better visuals, which is probably the only positive thing the remake has to offer. A lack of content and the season pass made the game a total disaster. Better luck next time.

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