Arcade Halls you should (want to) visit

First of its kind

Although this may seem like just another article in The Arcade Hotel’s Magazine, for us here, writing you these lines, it’s actually a big deal. The whole idea of our first-of-its-kind hotel was created by an incredible love for the world ‘arcade’ brought us. Our founder started playing on these machines when he was just 4-years old and ever since, he’s been an absolute fan and dedicated player. His love has always been the reason for starting this amazing project. Arcade gaming is in our DNA and in our hearts. And we’re happy to share our love whenever we can.

Now, for starters, we wouldn’t be very good arcade fans if we didn’t share our thoughts on the best arcade halls to visit. The number of halls is probably incredibly big, but we managed to pick a couple that we like, located around the world. Especially the USA and Japan seem to feature lots of awesome places to go to, other than for example Dubai and yess… Amsterdam!

Read on!

Club Sega, Tokyo


Probably one of the most amazing arcade halls on earth. Gamin giant Sega provided us with six floors of arcade insanity. What’s on the menu? Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Beatmania, and many, many more.

Barcade, Brooklyn, New York


With new location being added all over the US, Barcade has proven itself worthy. The year 2004 saw them opening its doors for the first time. Their brilliance? The best of 2 worlds. With delicious beer and classic video games, this place is a must-see for all arcade lovers. What to play? Donkey Kong, Teenage Ninja Turtles and more…. Oooooooh yesss!!

Ground Kontrol, Portland, Oregon


This place feels like stepping into the world of Tron. But with a bar. And speakers blaring metal. Classics like Return of the Jedi, Pac-man, Frogger and Burgertime are sitting pretty and waiting for you. Bonus: the bathrooms are just killer…

Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines, St. Petersburg, Russia


Book your flight. This museum is stacked with rare and likely unheard-of games, most of them produced in the mid-1970’s, which they’ve been tracking down for a long time. This joint is mind-bending if you’ll ask us. Games can be played during opening hours!

Jump into the Light, New York


Being a very modern place to play VR-games, it still offers classic games on classic machines! But the modern twist, emerging old and new, is what makes Jump into the Light an absolute special. Zombie shooting, PlayLab and big parties. What else do you need?

Next Level, Brooklyn (again)

This small but special place it a hotspot for the fighting games community, with arcade fights being live streamed every week. Players from all around the world test their skills at this place, some among the very best. It was featured in the 2015 film The Lost Arcade, a documentary about the arcade community in NYC. Think you’re fighter? Go find out what you’re made off.

BONUS ENTRY: Hub Zero Dubai


The Arcade Hotel’s founder has been to this very special place himself and told us “it blew his brains out”. Hub Zero is a family & friends theme park with indoor rides, climbing and hangout zones and much more. It’s just as impressive in size as it is in available games. Furthermore, Hub Zero provides is visitors with what is called The Void, an immersive full-body VR-Experience, seeing, hearing and feeling everything around you. It’s a one of a kind experience. Therefore, it holds a special place on this list (and our bucket list). Anyone going to Dubai or even getting near to it, should do themselves a favor and check this place

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