MARVEL’s biggest exhibit ever in MoPOP

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‘Universe of Super Heroes’

Tony Stark’s lab, interactives, classic comic books and thrilling Hans Zimmer soundscapes. The exhibition invites fans to journey through Marvel’s 80-year history and lets them dive into themed sections with narratives of the most beloved characters like Spider-man, Black Panther and Doctor Strange. We’re dying to go, already…

© Credits & Design: www.studio-tk.de

So, where is it? Well, if you’re not in Seattle, probably a long way from home. Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture is a mecca for for anyone who’s a proud fan (read: geek or nerd). It has been home to exhibitions on Ghostbusters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek, and so on. But for just a couple week longer MoPOP will be showing you  Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes.

With over 300 original artifacts including artwork, costumes and props from comics and movies as Captain America, The Avengers and Iron Man and many more, right now, this is heaven on earth. On entry you’re treated with the rarest item in the collection: a very first Marvel comic issue. Furthermore, it showcases the franchise its bravery and attitude on real-world social issues.

© Credits & Design: www.studio-tk.de

Walls are decorated with original artwork from masters like Jack Kirby, Frank Miller, John Byrne, Todd McFarlane, and more. Props are simply breathtaking and themed sections like the one for Doctor Strange are mind-bending. Want more? You’ll pass by ‘Captain’s’ shield, Loki’s horned helmet and an arc from Iron Man II and their worn (!) costumes.

© Credits & Design: www.studio-tk.de

Universe of Super Heroes’ is a must-see for fans of Marvel – which is just about everyone, right? The exhibition runs until January 6th 2019. Going to the Emerald City? You know what to do!

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