Amsterdam Dance Event 2018!

Wohhooooooo! It’s Amsterdam Dance Week again, the world’s biggest electronic music festival and conference.

October 17th – 21st
2,500 artists
1,000 events
140 venues
550 speakers
7200 representatives
400,000 visitors


Party at night. Educate yourself at daytime …or just keep on partying.
It’s the world’s annual gathering of the most acclaimed and potential artists in electronic music, plus the people behind the scenes. Expect five days of ridiculous good events and parties.

This is the candy store of electronic music. You ever had that fantasy as a kid where you swim in a pool filled with liquid chocolate or a candy store that you’re locked in at night? Well if you’re into electronic music, this is the analogy that will give you an idea of what to expect.

The city will be swamped by gazillions of dance-infested music addicts who would trade their mums for entry-tickets to some of the exclusive parties hosted in the coming days. Not to worry, there are plenty of good parties that you can get in the very usual way.

Here come our tips for the ADE 2018:



ADE by Day provides entertainment, engagement and plenty of surprises for the legions of electronic music fans visiting Amsterdam for ADE. The mostly free daytime program features a wealth of dance music-related exhibitions, films, documentaries, DJ showcases, gear master classes, and artist MusicTalks, taking place across Amsterdam’s five main districts, utilizing historical locations and unique venues across the city (description taken from the official website).

  • ADE Soundlab and ADE Hangout at Brakke Grond featuring workshops, music talks and panel discussions/guest speakers: Orbital, Jean Michel Jarre, Bonobo
  • Rush Hour Vinyl Shop
  • Mary Go Wild Vinyl Shop
  • Wednesday evening opening party outdoors (pop up), to be announced.


    ADE’s festival program covers the whole spectrum of electronic subgenres, with over 2,500 artists performing in 140 of Amsterdam’s finest music and nightlife spaces. In 2017 the festival attracted 395,000 festival visitors from over 90 countries, which makes it the world’s biggest club festival.


    Now go crazy!