Join the Pro Squad With Iiyama G-Master!

Once in a while, we like to give a shout out to those brands who trust us with their names (and who we trust with ours). Because of them, we can supply you with the kick-ass technical equipment and – like in this case – set up events like our monthly FIFA tournament.

Enter iiyama: a leading international monitor manufacturer, based in Japan (the land of manga, anime, Space Invaders and Nintendo – NBD).
Producing high-end technology products since as early as 1973, they decided to write a new chapter in every hardcore gamers wet dreams phantasy. And yes, we have them in our Game Room and at those monthly FIFA tournaments.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer – or aiming to be one – the G-Master #monitorsforgamers offer you the competitive edge to unleash your full gaming potential.

Let’s drop some facts here to get you drooling:

  • 1 ms response time (yes, that is one-thousandth of a second – in comparison: a blink of an eye takes 300 ms)
  • Support of FreeSync Technology ensuring fluid and accurate transition between those crispy images
  • Black Tuner functionality, allowing gamers to adjust brightness and dark shades, so you can see what might be creeping up on you in those dark corners.
  • Predefined and custom gaming modes to quickly adjust settings to your own preferences
  • Representing four different clans: Red Eagle™, Black Hawk™, Gold Phoenix™ and Silver Crow™
  • Last but not least: a broad set of inputs and headphone connectors.

Mom always said you shouldn’t brag, but truth told: how cool is it that iiyama is backing us up with their kick-ass products? Three years ago The Arcade was just the new kid on the block with a crazy idea, wanting to pack our hotel top to bottom with the best in video game technology. And now we have brands like iiyama supporting us and sharing our philosophy of community engagement and dedication to gaming. The future looks bright and shiny and colorful.

Want to know more about the iiyama G-Master monitors? Check out their website!

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