Not Your Average “What to do in Summer 2018 in Amsterdam”

Summer has started! Planning a trip to Amsterdam this Summer? Search no further, we’ve put together the ultimate not-so-average list for you, filled with unexpected activities – counting down to our favourite summer activity in Amsterdam.

Yes we are crazy about gaming, but let’s face it: Staying inside a dark room to kill virtual zombies (as opposed to the real ones…) while it’s a trillion degrees outside might not be the brightest of all ideas. So, no, we will not tell you to stay inside our hotel and play one of our 230 different games in your room or in our Game Room.

What will we tell you to do? Here goes!



Call me Captain Obvious, but: don’t forget to take a walk along Amsterdam’s canals – they’re so beautiful, full of history (most of the city’s center dates from the 17th to 19th century!) and they will do wonders for your Instagram. Be aware though, there’s hundreds of bicycle riders who LOOOVE to ring their bells and scare the s**t out of tourists.



Getting a little too hot out? Stop whining – there’s like 20 days a year when our butts don’t freeze off. Anyway, there are multiple parks where you can cool off, chill out and have a picnic. You can of course visit the touristy Vondelpark, but try to swing by the Westerpark (with an actual city farm where you can cuddle with goats and donkeys!), the Flevopark (make sure to drink a beer at ‘t Nieuwe Diep!) and – conveniently located across from The Arcade Hotel – the Sarphatipark. Take your Gameboy or hop into the game room in The Arcade afterwards.



Talking about the Vondelpark, you might want to go there to heat things back up. Or it’s a reason to avoid it entirely, that’s up to you…



Take a day trip to Zandvoort Beach by train. In about 30 minutes you’ll be enjoying the sun at one of the many beach clubs. Our faves? Ubuntu, Tent 6, Hippie Fish and Tijn Akersloot have great food and drinks. Do you know what’s even more fun? The relatively unknown Blijburg Beach in IJburg – a cool and hippy-like urban beach. Check it out!



Drink a couple of beers at a terrace right on the water. Definitely try out Waterkant for a laidback vibe, George Marina for a fancy, sushi-and-lobster kinda dinner and the very cool Plekk in Amsterdam North. Also check out Hannekes Boom, de Ceuvel, Roest and Girassol.



In the Summer, there are several festivals happening every weekend in Amsterdam – and there’s one or two for everyone. I’d list them all, but iamsterdam.com already beat me to it. Into techno? There are several great clubs in Amsterdam, located in crazy places like bunkers, abandoned churches and funeral homes (!). We recommend underground clubs RADION and VLLA, and more popular clubs like De School and Shelter. Also, keep an eye out on this Facebook page for techno events and raves that are going on in Amsterdam.



It’s time for a cultural break. Head towards one of the several museums, such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum. But try to visit the less obvious ones as well, such as Het Kattenkabinet, The Resistance Museum, The Museum of Bags And Purses, Electric Ladyland or – the writer’s favourite – the former hidden church Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder. Amsterdam is also filled with cool street art. Check out the best ones here.



So you know that we have an awesome game room at The Arcade. BUT we’re kind of in love with this brand-new, old skool arcade club which opened last week: Blast Galaxy. There’s tons of arcade and pinball games but also a great menu – you’re going to have to make a night out of this one.



For all you geeks and geekettes out there (I figure that’s you, since you’re still reading this), we’ve teamed up with Sarah from Sarah’s Tours. Sarah grew up in Amsterdam, so she can show you all the hidden gems while at the same time totally geeking you out by taking you to game and comic book stores, arcades, crazy fun places that are not commonly known and many more good stuff. Get more info here.



Take a day to explore the hotel’s neighbourhood; De Pijp is known for its 19th century architecture, fun and small shops, great bars and The Albert Cuyp Market – where you can buy almost anything you could think of. Drink a cold beer in the sun – we’re sun-loving people, so during those few sunny days, everyone loves everyone. The world is good for a glimpse of a second in this world of pain. And you should be part of it!

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