The Scientific Reasons why we Love Nostalgia

From ‘80s movies remakes to 90s parties– we all love a little nostalgia. Whilst you didn’t notice as a (pre)teen, it probably was the most care-free time of your life. There are actual scientific reasons why we can’t stop reminiscing. Curious? Walk this way:

1. It brings people together!
You’ve probably bonded over Toto and Pacman several times, with both strangers and friends. Why? Because nostalgia can actually unite people and make you feel safe, loved and less lonely. Keep sharing those memories y’all!

2. Nostalgia makes us feel great
Music from your teen years actually hold disproportionate power over our emotions since with growing older, your younger years actually start to acquire a glow (it may or may not deserve). It’s adaptive to recall the happy events from our past and retro-themed entertainment feeds into our tendency to reflect back on the positive events that shaped our sense of who we are now. Plus, according to this previously mentioned study, nostalgia actually caused participants’ ambient temperature to rise: it quite literally warms you up. Aww!

3. It’s not only about the past, it’s about the future as well
Do you get the feels when Facebook throws a photo from 2009 back at you? Well, these feels of nostalgia actually make you feel optimistic about your future. According to this study, “memories of the past can help to maintain current feelings of self-worth and can contribute to a brighter outlook on the future.” Guess we’ve got a golden future ahead of us!

4. Playing old school games will make you a better person
We just made that one up. Ha ha! See you at the Arcade Hotel!