What you Probably Didn’t Know About Liberation Day in the Netherlands

On this day 73 years ago, the Dutch people were liberated from German occupation (A.K.A. Nazi’s got kicked in the ass day) by the Allied Forces. Little is known outside of the Netherlands that Canadians troops formed the main force – more than 7,600 Canadians died on Dutch soil during the nine-month campaign to liberate The Netherlands. That’s crazy.

Ask any Dutch person (especially in their senior years) about the Canadian Forces and they’ll definitely praise them for their part in our liberation, since it came at a really critical time: thousands of people in especially Western Netherlands were left starving and ill after the long hunger winter of 1944-1945.

Prior to the liberation, the relationship between Dutchies and Canadians was already strong – since the Dutch royal family fled to Canada during the war. On January 19, 1943, Princess Margriet became the first, and the only up until now, royal to have been born in Canada. Wanna know the craziest part? The Canadian government declared the maternity suite in Ottawa’s Civic Hospital as “extraterritorial” to ensure that the royal baby would have full Dutch citizenship. Which makes us wonder: were there any other babies born in that suite or maternity ward that day, who can proclaim Dutch citizenship? OK. We’re getting sidetracked.

It seems that the strong and probably good-looking Canadian soldiers made quite the impression amongst Dutch, young girls. In fact, over 2000 war-brides headed to Canada after the war and many, many Liberation babies were conceived: between 4,500 and 7,000 babies were born with Allied fathers following the liberation. People were getting pretty horny back then, and who could blame ‘em! Freedommmmm!!

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the British, American, French and Polish soldiers who also assisted in our liberation. It’s weird – we’re the last generation who will know family members who actually survived the war and who have had loved ones killed in the war.  We should never forget about this, since we’re living in a society that is mixed by all cultures, races and religious believes. Which, and we need to say this out loud and proud, we cherish each and every day. Just at our hotel we have people from 8 different countries working, which is a gift!

It’s crazy how things turn out – 73 years ago, no-one would have guessed that a Dutchie, a German and a Canadian could work together in peace. Well, peace… Without killing each other :-). Or as Jens said: “73 years later and I find myself with this lunatic Canadian and grumpiest of all Dutch, ranting at each other like you wouldn’t believe. I could not be happier about the way things turned out at the end. Fuck all Nazis, then and now!”

Some quotes to end this Canadian lovin’ blog with:

“Canadians get flowers and we get a dick in the ass.” – George Marshall, probably.

“From my people to yours, you’re welcome Dutchies.” – Dan, our Canadian founder.

“Canada gave us three things: Liberty, Poutine & Daniel B. Salmanovich.” – Steve, our Dutch manager.

“Days like the liberation day remind us to keep on giving a fuck and pointing our middle fingers to the sick fucks that still think the white men should rule the world.” – Jens, our German brand manager.

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