King’s Day in Amsterdam: What (not) to do?

King’s Day is the one day a year when Dutchies embrace the “orange madness” and completely love their monarchy. They mostly like it when it’s a week day though, because they get a day off to celebrate ;-). Over 1 million people will be wandering the streets of Amsterdam during both King’s Day and King’s Night – which is celebrated the night before.

So what is King’s Day exactly?

Celebrated on April 27th, the date marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander. The holiday originates back to 1885, when it was named Princess’ Day. Since 1891, it was named Queen’s Day and since 2013 it’s named King’s Day. A little history lesson there, you’re welcome!

What to do on King’s Day?

  • You’ll find street parties all over the city, outside cafes, bars, in parks and even on random street corners. Do you like the music that’s playing? Join the festivities! It’s that easy.
  • It’s a reason for Amsterdam people to empty their houses and turn their doorstep into a flea market, selling anything you can imagine. From toys to video games (ha!), to Disney VCR’s, clothes, homemade cakes, lemonade and much more. It’s really cool to watch little kids get all entrepreneurial!
  • Buy something orange or you’ll definitely stand out as a tourist – you don’t want that. Rate your closet for an orange tee or buy a cool hat at one of the many street vendors during King’s Day.
  • EAT! You’ll probably be drinking beer all day, so make sure to fill yourself up with some food as well. There’s food trucks everywhere. Get yourself a hotdog, a slice of pizza at La Perla in the Jordaan or stop by the Rozengracht for some really good Turkish cuisine.
  • There’s lots to do in De Pijp (our area) so make sure to stop by The Arcade Hotel for a couple of (cheap!) beers.

What NOT to do on King’s Day?

  • Don’t think you can buy beers in Amsterdam’s supermarkets on April 27th. It will all be sold out like the apocalypse is here.
  • Try not to piss in the canal. You might fall over and well, it doesn’t turn out right for about 7-15 people a year who drown in the canals.
  • King’s Day is a pickpockets’ dream come true. Make sure you keep an eye on your PRECIOUSSS.

See you then!

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