Renovating a 150 Year Old House

In the last few months, we renovated our whole house! We’ve turned every stone, changed every pipe and painted every wall to lift this beauty up to the standard we want The Arcade to be associated with.

Old houses are as reliable as the April weather in Amsterdam. We knew that. However, it turns out our house has an extra strong personality and surprised us with some unforeseeable challenges. Which is why our ground floor, i.e. the entrance, reception, and breakfast room, are still under construction.
The rooms are in a great condition and comfortable. However, due to the extension of the construction we were not able to install the custom made furniture in every room yet, which is why there might be a discrepancy to the images on our website

All in all, the construction is in it’s last phase and should not affect your stay, besides the fact that we can presently not offer you a lobby or a bar.
Therefore Breakfast, coffee and tea are on us. We have a room set  up for the breakfast and you can also take it to your room.
Since the construction is evolving every single day, we offer you a hotline to check for the current state:

+31 20 676 0310

We felt the need to come clear about the situation, so you know what to expect.
We truly believe everyone should be excellent to everyone. This is us trying to hold up our end of that bargain.

Feel free to get in contact and ask us anything.


Daniel Salmanovich
Hotel Manager

The Arcade Hotel Amsterdam
Be excellent to each other.

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