The Arcade Hotel Renovation – A New Era

A new gaming era!

In January 2017 the Arcade Hotel started with the renovation of the hotel. We have been operating 2 hotels from one entrance: The Aalborg and The Arcade. The Arcade hotel opened its doors in January 2016 and the exposure we received was amazing.
People loved the concept, but were a tad bit disappointed.

Why? There weren’t enough video gaming aspects. So, we started to brainstorm about how we can incorporate more ‘video game’ in the hotel. Think of; e-sports, video gaming, live streaming and the gaming community.

Keep in mind, we have no intention of being a video game hotel for the kids. So no Super Mario themed rooms, or RGB lighting and energy drinks everywhere. The rooms will still have the industrial design that you’ve come to love, but we added a tech wall. Meaning, playing video games on a HD TV in your room. What?! Yes, there’s a game console in every room.

Our focus is on the ‘grown-up-young-at-heart’ working gamer, whether travelling for work or leisure. We’re not forgetting our neighbours. We aim to be a hangout for locals as well. Where they can relax, attend events/meetups and play a variety of games (board- and video games)

Game Gear

When you praise yourself on being a ‘Video Game’ Hotel, you need to come correct. During the renovation we are not just addressing normal hotel stuff like renovating the bathrooms.

Nope, we will also ad glass fibre internet, making sure every room has video gaming options, as well as extending our game and are comic books library. Hey, that’s not all, we’re saving the best for last. You ready? *drumrollllll*  We are getting a game room!

Yup, a legit awesome high tech game room. With not just 6 high-end game PCs, there will also be a console corner and … a VR set up!
You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to make use of the game room, everyone is welcome in the game room!
The fun doesn’t stop there. For our guests, as well everyone who wants to join we are planning to have events, meet-ups, boardgame nights, quiz night and more.

the Future

When the level boss called Amsterdam renovation is deveated we are going on our next quest. Which is going world wide. The next level bosses will be in: Montreal, Köln, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

Looking forward to this crazy journey!

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