Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Unleash your inner ninja, samurai or geisha.

Remember The Last Tinker? If you don’t, It was a colourful platformer which I enjoyed a lot.

It was made by Mimimi productions, an indie gamemaker based in that ‘beautiful’ city Munich. Who knew that a city known to be a bit gloomy could make such a beautiful and colourful game, ey?

Anyway, back to 2016, Mimimi left the colourful world of make-believe behind for its new game: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.

Shadow Tactics it’s set in Edo era Japan of 1615, a new Shogun seizes power over Japan. This noble Shogun wants nationwide peace. Therefor must fight against the mysterious Kage-sama who plans to overthrow the Shogun. What better way to battle against conspiracy and rebellion than by recruiting five badasses specialised in assassination, sabotage and espionage. ‘Cause ey, well you know you can’t have peace without getting it through violence. And let’s be honest a game with ninjas and samurai warriors really isn’t fun if a few butts aren’t slayed, right?

Your team of renegades consists out of; A samurai, geisha, ninja, trapper and sniper.

Shadow Tactics forces you to remain in the shadows. In this stealth orientated Real Time Tactics game, getting sighted and thus caught, usually means a showdown.That could most likely kill you and mess up your sneaky plan, darnit !

This makes the game extra fun but also extremely challenging. Especially if you are not really a patient gamer. Luckily there is a Quick Save feature, that you can use right before you go and execute your plan. If you mess up your genius plan of taking the enemies’ formation apart and toying with them, go right back before you screw to plan it over again, without the hassle of redoing the whole mission.

Shadow Tactics gives you 13 missions, which Mimimi Productions says will grant you over 25 hours of play time.

Bring it on! Shadow Tactics is out NOW!. Luckily for us (well me) console gamers besides beging released for PC. Mac, and Linux, it’s also coming to PlayStation 4 and XboX One.


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