Amsterdam Comic Con 2016

Comics, geekery, horror, cosplay, and actors, you could find it all at Showmasters, Amsterdam first Comic Con event. Actors like James Marsters (Buffy), Peter Mayhew ( Chewbaka) Robert Englung (Nightmare on Elm Street) were there to be captured on film by their fans.

The Arcade Hotel was at the scene to check out what it was all about. You know, ’cause comics and pop culture is kinda our thing. If you spotted a vampire with deep red eyes trying to suck your blood, then that was me (Joëlla).

Not an American Party

I expected it to be way bigger. Showmasters is known for their big badass comic events. I could have known, we are still The Netherlands. Don’t expect it to be as San Diego Comic con. I think we all made that mistake. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a fun event.
Let’s be honest when you go to a gaming, geek or comic event you want to buy stuff that your local shop will never sell. So that part of your desire was fulfilled.

For the people who were not there …Shame on you!! Joke, you could meet with awesome actors who don’t age: like James Marsters. Seriously if he dyed his hair super blond like his character Spike, then people would definitely question if he was not a real vampire. Ray Park (Darth Maul) was there as wel to take you back to the dark side. I was really disappointed that Hodor wasn’t there. I had so many question for that man. The conversation wouldn’t be that verbal though, but still it would be the easiest conversation of my life… Hodor how did you feel when you were holding the door… Hodor. Hodor will you come back as a zombie… Hodor.


Only for the true fans

If you haven’t bought anything then you probably are not a real geek or comic lover, because you could buy so many things. Onesies for “Winter is Coming”, corsets, figurines so many freakin figurines. You could make a Anime series scene in your own home with all that was sold there. Stuffed animals for the baby room or just for yourself, T-shirts with cool prints, buy a bullet with a text on it and of course comics. Because that would be weird a comic event without comics.

My favorite thing at the fair were the photo booths!! The Netflix booth was prominent at the fair. I took so many crazy photos like the Daredevil one, where it seems that I was falling. The Luke Cage, where you break glass and feel incredible strong. Even behind bars with Orange is the New Black. But I can’t forget The Walking Dead booth where you feel as helpless as the cast of TWD. Yup, we were Negan’s bitch.

If you only like gaming then this event wasn’t for you. Gaming had a small part at this fair. I don’t blame them because we have enough gaming events. But gaming, comics, geekery and cosplay do go hand in hand.

Yeah, I had a great time with my friends and I could wear my vampire priestess cosplay and be creepy again. But I can’t get my head around the fact that next year there will be three comic con events in the Netherlands. Like why?! Dutch Comic Con, Amsterdam and Rotterdam Comic con. Instead of having two events in one month have one big one with even better actors and more to do. With 3 cons, comic fans have a lot to look forward to in 2017!

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