Gamescom, Party Time, Excellent!!

If you have been following our instagram page, you’d know that last week the city of Cologne went game crazy. Once a year in August video game enthousiasts flock to this German city, not to stare in awe at the Kölner Dom and gobble pretzels, bratwursts, and beer (uhh no, there is always time for drinking a cold one). Nope, these come to rejoice and share the gospel of Videogaming at the Koelnmesse, just one stop further than the beautiful cathedral.


Tadaaaaaaaaa…. Here’s our Gamescom 2016 vlog,

This year our host with the most, Mia, and the camera crew went to Gamescom 2016 for three full days.
What can I say, we had a hella good time! 9 Halls of the Koelnmesse solely dedicated to Video Gaming. One of these halls was put their just for you to ‘shut up and let them take your money’: the fanshop arena. A hall filled with gaming merchandise, ranging from t-shirts, onesies, figurines and errr sleeping-masks.

It was so nice to be with kindred spirits and to see how diverse people that we gather under the tag ‘video gamer’ are. I saw little kids of around 6 years old with their parents, a retired math teacher of 76, people dressed up as their favourite World of Warcraft character and teenagers with their friends.

Besides an entertainment area for consumers there is also a business area were people working in this wonderful business of video gaming attend presentations, meetings and network.

We attended some of the presentations, had meetings, played some games that will be out soon, basically just let our jaw drop and take in the whole atmosphere.

Arcade Hotel is a connoisseur of retro gaming, what a happy surprise it was that there was almost a whole hall dedicated to retro gaming. The top floor of hall 10 was filled with atari 2600, coleco visions, SEGA, NINTENDO, Commodore 64, old PC and arcade cabinets.

I didn’t see Doc or Marty, but they did leave their Delorean DMC-12 parked there. The bottom floor of hall 10 was filled with solely indie developers, while the de rest of the halls were the domain of the 3 biggest consoles: XboX, Nintendo, Playstation and big publishers.

Ow and besides running around at the Koelnmesse, we had some time to sit at the waterbank and catch Pokemon 🙂



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