Ready Player One is getting a fancy edition


Among us at the Arcade Hotel, Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is probably one of our most favourite reads of the past couple of years.

This amazing story filled with 80’s pop culture references ranging from video games, sitcoms, books, Dungeons & Drangons to Movies and Saturday Morning Cartoons, is already available in different formats. There’s the paperback, the hardback, the digital book, heck there is even an audiobook read by Will Wheaton! (Will frigging Wheaton!!) And now, there is the edition that trumps all previous editions.
It’s leather-bound, accented in 22kt gold, gilded page ends, fabric end sheets and a satin ribbon marker. Pretty fancy eh? To top it all of it is signed by Ernest Cline himself.

If you want one for yourself, head over to EastonPress.com to order yours.