The Arcade Hotel – On Tour #1 ESL Benelux

Hi we are LIVE

Our very first Vlog #OnTour has been launched during ESL Championship in the Arena and we had the liberty to film during this event.

ESL is doing E-sports for a while now and they had their first E-sport event in Amsterdam Arena. They are well known in Germany, Poland, America. It is okay to say that you want to be a professional gamer and ESL can be your stepping stone. The Arcade Hotel was there to report.

Congrats to LowLandsLions for the winning League of Legends!

The Championship events were held on 7 and 8 July. The competitieve teams played Hearthstone, League of Legends and Counter Strike. On several floors you could also play Fifa, Overwatch,VR and Mortal Combat. Mediamarkt was there with a shopping area where you could buy your gaming gear.

The vibe during the event was relaxed and the halls were pretty full. Friday more than Thursday. Different kind of people attend the event and I was kind of surprised by that. You saw grown ups, teenagers, some kids but more people my age (between 21 – 32). And that is great, because the E-sport gaming scene is for everybody who loves competitive gaming.

I hope next year they will organise a huge event on the field of the Arena and do it ESL style like we are used to in Germany. Gaming is booming and I am really glad that ESL and of course other gaming companies were one of the companies who took the initiatief to organise an E-sport event in The Netherlands. We need to start somewhere and if we all participate it will be as normal as going to a soccer match.

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