NES Classic, a cutie for under your TV

NES Mini’s, cute lil’ self is right at home at the Arcade.Arcade Hotel is a hotel that has major love for the games of yesteryear. That’s kind of our thing. You know, retro games an 80s and 90s pop culture. At the hotel we have a constantly growing catalogue of old video games and consoles, ranging from Atari 2600 and NES to Xbox and the Playstation 2.

Me personally, I love the old consoles. I’d like to start collecting them. But you know, where do I put all of it in my mini apartment? Let’s not forget the kind of a hassle it is to connect the old console to your new HD TV.

BAMMMMMMMMMMMM, here comes Nintendo with amazing news! This november they are dropping the Nintendo Classic Mini. A mini NES console that easily connects to your TV via HDMI. What’s even better it has 30 classics installed!!

And I do mean classics:

  • all the Marios,
  • two Zelda’s,
  • Final Fantasy,
  • Metroid and,
  • Punch Out.

That’s just summing up a few.

Did I mention it’s EUR/USD 59,99? I know what I am asking Santa this Christmas!