B.U.D. tried to ‘Grow Home’ now he’s trying to ‘Grow Up’

I like robots (especially quirky looking ones) and I love Ubisoft.Tadaaa B.U.D.Even tho I enjoy both of these things, I’ve never gotten around to play ‘Grow Home’. At this year’s E3, Ubisoft announced they would make a sequel to ‘Grow Home’ called ‘Grow Up’.  Maybe now is as good a time as any, to play the first one, since it’s been sitting in my game library untouched.

As mentioned, I like quirky robots and jeez this robot has got to be one of the most quirkiest, clumsiest and cutest one I have seen. His name is B.U.D. – which actually does stand for something, but frankly I couldn’t be bothered to remember-.  So, B.U.D. being the clumsy little fella that he is, falls out of the mothership named M.O.M (again that actually stands for something but, hey whatevs) and makes a 2000 meter drop on to an uncharted island. OUCH. So now M.O.M. is sort of pissed off and you have to find a way back to her. M.O.M. being the uhh mom that she is, tries to make something out of your time down there. She asks you to scan flora and fauna that you come across, so she can bring them back to your home planet. After making a free fall of 2000 m how the f*%$ do you get back up there!? Well M.O.M. has you covered, she tells you to grow that big ass flower in the middle of the island all the way to the mothership.

And … that is basically all you do in the video game. Yeah, I hear you, that sounds hella boring. And, if you would tell me, that I would be playing a game where: I make a plant grow all the way to my mothership, just so I can get back home, I would tell you to stick that game where the sun don’t shine and give me another one. Hold on now, not so fast. ‘Grow Home’ is a really fun and relaxing game to play. It’s a game about climbing, exploration, exploring and seeing the world through B.U.D.’s eyes. The way you control the robot adds to the enjoyment of this game. He moves very quirky and is sometimes a bit off balance, which makes moving around a bit challenging. The reason why his movement is so odd is all thanks to the fact that they are procedurally generated animations. It’s like watching a baby trying to move around when he’s learning to walk

This makes, climbing that giant plant in the middle of this island you fell on, somewhat challenging. Each of his hands are controlled individually. You climb up and then have to direct the sprout to ‘pods’ that make the plant grow taller. You get some help tho, in the form of a jet pack and leaves and flowers that help you glide to where you need to go.

All in all it’s a fun game you can finish playing in a weekend. Unless… you want to collect every flora and fauna on the island and all the seeds, that will cost you another weekend. I am looking forward to the sequel ‘Grow Up’. ‘Grow Up’ is set to release in August 2016 on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

For more info: Grow Up

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