E3 2016

E3 2016 was amazing, end of story. Even tho people say that E3 is losing publishers, we still got a heck of show. Sony had an orchestra to give you the experience of a life time. It’s not only waiting for new games to be revealed, but they want you to talk about it. We are not gonna talk about all the games, but the ones that caught our eye.

Praise the old and the new gods in Game of Thrones

We finally got a release date for PlayStation VR! October 13th 2016 PlayStation gamers can buy one. But that’s not all, I got a stroke when I saw Kratos on screen. There will be a God of War 4!!! Even tho he was old and he was tagging a kid along, he was still kicking ass. Where will they go with the story, will that kid be the new God of War? So many questions, so little time.

Days Gone, Detroit – Become Human and Death Stranded were such a surprise during E3. Hideo Kojima is back!! and he wasn’t alone, he had Daryl Dixon… I mean Norman Reefus with him. For the ladies we got to see some Norman booty. We can finally enjoy a new game from sensei Hideo Kojima. Even tho nobody has an idea what this game is about, I bet it’s dark and I hope with a lot of horror. Meanwhile, we can enjoy Days Gone and shoot “zombies” in a postapocalyptic world. I love games like Detroit – Become Human, your actions have consequences in the game.

Resident Evil 7 is going back to basic. Actually being scary! That demo gave me the nightmares. The surrounding, the music, the weirdness, having no map. It is going back to how we all knew Resident Evil.

We love all games

Okay, okay, we’re not only giving Sony props, because Microsoft was there to show off their new Xbox S: which is smaller, gets a bigger Harddrive (up to 2 TB), 4K, IR Blaster and new Xbox One controller.

The most powerful console ever.

Those are powerful words, so I expect it can time travel, clean my house and feed me. Microsoft is taken this very seriously and they claim that they’re removing barriers. This is what developers and the consumer wants.  True 4K gaming, the best frame rates, render 60 Hertz, 8 CPU cores and they want to bring that to the console. These are specs  I’m used to on the PC. I’m very exited to see how this will unfold.

Xbox one scorpio 4k

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