Funbase – playground for grown ups!

Leave your age at the door!

A playground for grownups! Like hell yeah! Funbase is providing this for us. Leave your age at the door, take of your shoes and play like you’ve never played before. There is food, gaming, drinks and lots of happy people. It’s all possible here in Amsterdam.

Happy camper

I entered the gaming lair and everything was already going on. I got a little tour of what to expect. There is a room where you unlock your inner rocker with Rock Band on the PS3. A whole room is dedicated to this and it’s displayed on a beamer. In the corner you could play on the PS4, where there was a Rocket League tournament going on.
In the back there was a Nerf field with awesome guns. Two teams play against each other like it was Call of Duty Team Deathmatch. I was pretty impressed with the deep ball pit, I could actually drown in it.
Or I could play some games in the PC gaming room that was set up with four game PCs. They had all the games that you need to play with your team. Overwatch, League of Legends, Counter Strike, World of Warcraft and more.
If you don’t like physical activities, you could play board games or string beads and create Pokemon art. When you had enough of playing all day and want peace and quiet then you should stay at home! Just kidding, there is a Zen Room for some relaxation.

I’m hungry, where is my food.

The owners of Funbase are part Norwegian and you could also see that in their choice of food. You could eat knanelsnurrer, waffles and more Norwegian and Dutch sweets and food.

Your innerchild has been unlocked #achievement

Every month they have a monthly Funbase Part. Every friday there is a play date for you hard working people who want to let go of everyday work stress.

For more information about dates or their events you can check their website here.

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