Campusparty 2016

On 25 till 29th May 2016 was the fourth edition of Campus Party in Utrecht, The Netherlands. A big event for young geeks, scientist, aspiring entrepreneurs and everybody who is interested in technology.

This was my first time attending this event, because I didn’t know something like this existed. Where was this when I was young little geeky who was interested in technology, but I didn’t had the guts to follow my dream to learn how to code. Or anything for that matter to do something with technology. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a noob… absolutely not, but I could have done so much more.

This event made it possible for everybody, but especially possible for little girly geeks who are interested in coding and that it’s not weird to be a little girly geek.

VR is the future and you could see that during this event. You had a experience section with a lot of VR booth, a few arcade games, Girls in Tech, Indy game and a Drone section. Everybody wants to try the VR, because that is going to be the new way of gaming or lifestyle. Para Parachute made it possible to skydive and you are not sitting in a chair or something, no no… you got your  wearing your skydiving kit and you will be hoisted and released like your are about to jump out of an airplane to skydive. It’s all about the real experience.

It was awesome to see to see that Future Gaming made it possible to use the Oculus Rift with out any controllers. They use a sensor that can perceive your hands so you don’t need a controller. You can compare it with the Xbox Kinect.

Dutch Game Garden

During an event with a target audience geek, innovative people, developers and entrepreneurs you can say DGG. Of course they were at the event showing off their creations. At every gaming event I’ve went in Holland I’ve seen these creative minds on the spot. I’ve loved their passion for they are doing and what they believe in.

Girls in Tech

Where was this when I was younger!!! A room full of girls who love to code or technology in partially. Janneke Niessen, Diane Janknegt, Neelie Kroes and more where all there to make it even more powerful. There was an area where little geeks could code, ask the pro’s question and try building a little robot.

I’ve met a lot of inspiring people and in the future The Arcade Hotel will definitely want to connect with these people.

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