BroForce kicking ass for justice and for liberty

Take an 8-bit 2d platformer from the gold old NES days. Now ad all your favourite action hero movies from the eighties and nineties. Put them in a blender, add a dash of blood splatters and explosives what do you get? BROFORCE!!

The game starts up with a cool ass cartoon intro reminiscent of the saturday morning cartoons I grew up on. It even has a kicking theme song: “kicking ass for justice and for liberty’! That song got stuck in my head for days.

Back to the game. What is it?

It’s in its essence an over the top side-scrolling-shoot-em-up platformer. Quite a mouthful, ey?

Broforce is a hyper masculine action hero-style commando team, who fight terrorists and rescues other broforce commandos and P.O.W. The plot of the game is so short you can write it on the back of your hand and still have space left. But, hey a lot of the action hero movies from back in the day weren’t known for their academy award winning scripts now where they? Each level starts out like this: you jump out of a helicopter as a random team member of Broforce. As such you go through the level killing all the evil corps foot soldiers and along the way you free your fellow Broforce members. Each time you do so, you gain an extra life, and you turn in to that saved Broforce member. At the end of each level you raise the star spangled banner and flex your muscles, jump in the chopper and off you go to kill some other devil’s spawn.

Each Broforce Commando is a parody of a character from your favorite 80s and 90s action movies and TV Series! That to me is a game seller, right there.

You start of playing as Rambro (you’re smart enough, I won’t tell who he’s based on), soon enough you’ll meet: Bromando, MacBrover, Brobocop, Bro Dredd and B.A. Broracacus. There are over 30 Broforce commandos you will get to unlock further in the game.

They even added some Bro-sisters (?) like Ellen Ripbro.

If that didn’t sell you on the game. It’s co-op and it’s couch co-op too!!

It’s published by Devolver Digital. You can play it on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

More info: broforcegame.com



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