HappyHappyJoyJoy – yummy yummy in my tummy

Food glorious food! Right here at Happy Happy Joy Joy
Any kid who grew up in the nineties with Nickelodeon, knows the phrase made famous by Ren & Stimpy: ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’.
But now, whenever I hear or read ‘Happy Happy Joy Joy’, I also think of food, glorious delicious food!!!
Happy Happy Joy Joy is a pan-asian fusion restaurant.
It has two locations: East and West. The one closest to the Arcade Hotel is Happy Happy Joy Joy West. It’s located in the Bilderdijkstraat. A tram takes you from the hotel to the restaurant in under 14 minutes.
As soon as you step in to the restaurant you feel happy and joyeus. The ambiance is … wel I can only describe it as colourful and hectic. And I mean that in a good way. The ceiling is decorated with red paper parasols. All the walls are covered with gleeful bright posters of asian films, products and other things. There is a lucky cat (I do enjoy those things, forever waving) and the bathroom has printed banknotes as wallpaper. Even the staff is happy and joyful. They are so friendly without it being over the top. That’s just walking in the restaurant. I haven’t even begun talking about the food they serve, which is ACE I might ad!

My fave were the Baos, both the Pork Belly and Peking Duck. I gobbled down these bite size buns as soon as the plate hit the table. They also have various curry dishes, (one of my favourites) Pad Thai noodles, Thom Kha Kai soup and a whole lot more; ranging from Chinese dishes, to Vietnamese, Korean and Thai. There’s a good wine menu but what was cool to me, is that they have a wide variety of Asian beers. When your belly is full and ready to leave, you get a nice button instead of a peppermint. I personally got one of a geisha. Pretty sweet!

Happy Happy Joy Joy West is located at Bilderdijkstraat 158hs, Amsterdam. The restaurant opens daily at 12 pm.
To get there from the Hotel you can bike or take Tram 3 (Zoutkeetgracht) get out at the Kinkerstraat stop.

For more info, the menu, as wel as the address of Happy Happy Joy Joy East, go to: happyhappyjoyjoy.asia

I will sign off this post with the original Happy Happy Joy Joy song. Here is hoping it sticks in your head the rest of the day. You’re welcome!



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