Killzone Visual Design – Art Book

Owee, we received something pretty sweet today!

Cook & Becker came by and dropped off a couple of Killzone Coffee Table Art Books!

In celebration of Killzone’s 15th year anniversary, the Dutch game developer Guerilla Games teamed up with art dealers Cook & Becker, to create a coffee table book commemorating the visual design of the Killzone games.

It’s a beaut! over 200 pages of concept art, ranging from character designs of the Helghast, weaponry, in game brands and breath taking scenery art

Compilers Arjan Terpstra and Cook & Becker had full and unlimited access to the image archives of Guerilla. From the early hand drawn concepts art used for Killzone 1 all the way to jaw dropping in-game renders from their latest Killzone Shadow Fall.

Next time you hit the hotel, make sure you browse through this book in our lobby with a gin & tonic or a nice cold one in your hand.


For more info about the book go to: cookandbecker.com.
For more info on Guerrilla Games go to: guerrilla-games.com.