Be a wiseguy in Guns, Gore & Cannoli

One of the most fun couch co-op games I have played recently has got to be ‘Guns, Gore & Cannoli’. Imagine an American mobster movie set in the roaring twenties. Now, just ad zombies!
Come on, zombies make everything better. (Except real life, zombies in real life would not make it better!)

In ‘Guns, Gore & Cannoli’ you play as Vinnie Cannoli, a mobster who is called over to Thugtown to find a goodfella who is gone missing. Once you arrive at the harbour, you can tell, the folks in Thugtown are weird. They … are … ZOMBIES! Fighting your way through a city overrun by zombies, you encounter the opposing mob family as well as some WW1 type soldiers. All this while you are trying to look for your lost pal and find answers for the zombie-outbreak. Along the way you unravel sneaky mafia ways and government conspiracy.



This game came out in fall 2015, but I still have a good time playing it. The 2d graphics and animations are hand drawn. This is nice and all, but the real seller is the action packed gameplay. This game is a solo campaign game. Screw that, just call over a buddy hand them an extra controller (up to 4 players), take out your tommy gun and wreak havoc upon the zombies! They are the most fun of the game, you have little drunk leprechaun zombies, with their feet tied to a balloon, burping deadly fumes, fat butcher zombies that explode when you kill them, guts all over your screen, and that is just naming two of them. There is a plethora of guns that you pick up in the game, even a flamethrower (which is my fave). If you are low on health just eat a cannoli and you are good to go.

Belgian developers Monkey Studios and Claeysbrothers made a fun game to play on game night. You know, as a break between the FPS and MOBA or that board game you keep losing at.

Guns, Gore & Cannoli is available on PC, Mac, Playstation 4 and Xbox One
More info: gunsgorecannoli.com


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