About the Arcade

Sometime in 2014 Daniel Salmanovich – a crazy hairy Canadian with the energy of a thousand suns and the heart of a Care Bear – decided it was time for a change.

He didn’t want to stick with managing a hotel that felt like it had become a mere supplier of rooms. To Dan, a hotel should be something personal and a place of multicultural interaction.
So, he gathered a bunch of loveable lunatics with high ambitions who shared his passion and were crazy enough to follow him to boldly go where no hotel has gone before. You could say he didn’t just hire for skills, but also for heart and soul. The team share a unique vision and are all about being excellent to each other. Together they have reinvigorated hospitality and taking the guest experience to a whole different level.

We don’t believe in the "home away from home" philosophy that every hotel claims. The way we see it, you leave your home to stay at ours. And we want you to feel like you're visiting your best friend's home.
Our home – The Arcade Hotel.
As our guests you get the family feel of a hostel with the amenities of a fully serviced hotel.

And since Dan is (and always was) crazy about games, he figured: "Hell, why don’t I jam-pack my hotel with every game I can lay my hands on!"
Bada bing, bada boom: The worlds first video game hotel was born.

Does anybody need a video game hotel? This is not really for us to say.
But yes, absolutely!

We're fuelled and pushed by our enthusiasm that this crazy idea needs to be out there. It needs to be manifested. It needs to be spread! The way we see it, we cater to a group of people who’ve been ignored for the longest time. The Geeks and Misfits out there, that were laughed at on the schoolyard. But guess what suckers, we now run a kick-ass hotel! Who’s getting wedgies now, huh?!
We love the quirky and soulful, those who never lost contact to their inner child. Probably because they are like us. We are skeptical towards general social conventions. At The Arcade Hotel you will find people who put a lot of love into the detail of their work. We’re not perfect, simply because that would be boring and not serve our core purpose.

We pride ourselves in putting character and a lot of heart and soul in all our work.
Our promise: You will have our love. You will laugh. You will play. So far everybody has.

We believe that you only get what you give. Karma is watching and we won’t let karma down. Join us on this crusade and help us make the world a tiny little bit better by enjoying our differences and playing together!

As Bill and Ted phrased it so perfectly:
"Be excellent to each other."