Junior Accountant


Ever worked for a Hotel focused on Gaming? Thought so.

You are helplessly in love with numbers, keeping things in order and are a control freak?
In school you were socially a slight misfit because numbers to you were more interesting that sports and parties?
We feel you! We were the ones no-one took serious, because we spend the summer holidays in dark rooms killing Nazis, outer space Giants and weird phantasy monsters.

But now we run a hotel for gamers and comic enthusiasts!
And we are in need of a bad-ass accountant to help us run the show. We are evolving and growing and changing and we need someone to overlook the costs and hold the budgets together.
An independent, friendly and reliable person. If you can identify with a quirky, playful and social hotel and a small group of enthusiasts making the most out of little, then you might be our man/woman!


What skill set are we looking for?

  • Someone who is as reliable as a swiss watch!
  • You should be a certified public accountant.
  • Have a love for details and a fetish for keeping everything in order.
  • Job related experience, preferably in a hospitality environment is desired.
  • IT knowledge: If you didn’t live under a stone for the last 20 years, you should be fine.
  • Data processing skills, including spreadsheet packages.
  • Be organized, focused and communicate with respect, a smile and full sentences.
  • Act and operate independently with minimal daily direction from our hotel manage.


What are your duties?

  • Preparing profit and loss accounts and the balance sheet for the management.
  • Assisting in preparing budgets and business planning, including projected room revenue.
  • Reconciling bank statements.
  • Ensuring legislation is followed regarding VAT and PAYE.
  • Chasing late payments, reporting bad debts and keeping a careful eye on the cash flow.


The hard facts
– 3 days a week salary at 1750€ per month


Why The Arcade, you ask?
It’s a hotel with games and comics everywhere.
E V E R Y W H E R E ! ! !

Ok, you want the grown-up reasons, huh?
Working here gives you the possibility of taking part in the genesis of a unique hotel brand:
We set out to reclaim hospitality the way we understand it: Being excellent to each other!
Our hotel is reinventing itself and we need people on board that are willing to give us strong feedback and participate actively in this ongoing transformation.
There’s a lot of room to grow and learn here for everyone. Since we are fairly small this also gives you the chance to deal with every aspect of the hospitality business.
If you have a hands-on mentality and enjoy working in a small family business rather than a big, prestiges business – we would love to meet you.


Please send a short yet charming resume with a picture enclosed to Joella.
And for the fun of it tell us your three favorite movie- or music-quotes.
And your all time favorite game.