Razer Black Widow Tournament Edition

As a gamer your keyboard is like a extension of your hands. If you think “a move”, your fingers needs to push the buttons before you have to check your keyboard. At DreamHack Winter 2016 I had the chance to receive a Razer Black Widow Tournament edition... read more

Dutch Xmas Con

On December 17 and 18 us geeks all flocked to the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The weekend before Christmas hosted the Dutch Xmas Con. I have to say, it wasn’t the biggest con of the year, but most definitely the cosiest! After you pass the ticket booth you walk into a... read more

DreamHack Winter 2016

This was my first DreamHack LAN party and I had no idea what to expect. I just let it come me me, but when I was there it blew my mind. DreamHack winter 2016 is definitely one of my favorite LAN parties of all time. 10.000 gamers, e-sports for the pros and for... read more

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

Remember The Last Tinker? If you don’t, It was a colourful platformer which I enjoyed a lot. It was made by Mimimi productions, an indie gamemaker based in that ‘beautiful’ city Munich. Who knew that a city known to be a bit gloomy could make such a beautiful and... read more

Nintendo’s switching things up!

The Ying and Yang of Nintendo For months now rumours float in the air, everywhere whispers of the ‘Nintendo NX’. What’s it going to be? A new handheld, a new console, gaming in 4k, a true competitor with XboX and Playstation? Yesterday, Nintendo... read more

Amsterdam Comic Con

Comics, geekery, horror, cosplay, and actors, you could find it all at Showmasters, Amsterdam first Comic Con event. Actors like James Marsters (Buffy), Peter Mayhew ( Chewbaka) Robert Englung (Nightmare on Elm Street) were there to be captured on film by their fans.... read more

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