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Point and shoot with Blue Estate

You like dark humour? Some cheesy over the top stereo type bad guys and cliches ? Then you’ll have fun with Blue Estate, like me. (more…)

Killzone Visual Design – Art Book

Owee, we received something pretty sweet today!

Cook & Becker came by and dropped off a couple of Killzone Coffee Table Art Books! (more…)

HappyHappyJoyJoy – yummy yummy in my tummy

Food glorious food! Right here at Happy Happy Joy Joy (more…)

Be a wiseguy in Guns, Gore & Cannoli

One of the most fun couch co-op games I have played recently has got to be ‘Guns, Gore & Cannoli’. (more…)

Gone Home – where the F#!k is everybody?

Gone Home, is a video game like no other, it’s more of an interactive story. Let met set the mood for ya … (more…)